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DEEPL0CK is the ultimate one-stop platform to launch projects on the Binance Smart Chain in a safe way, and for keeping digital assets safe on #BSC.

The DeepLock platform makes it easy and safe to lock up any BEP-20
based token in seconds, including LP tokens from PancakeSwap,
giving investors peace of mind.

Stay Safe. Use DeepLock 🧿

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Decentralized & Rug-proof Launchpad

Get priority access to vetted and voted for IDOs on our fully decentralized IDO platform, by staking $DEEP tokens.

Lock liquidity

Lock Liquidity

Lock any BEP-20 (BSC) Token in seconds, or launch your project using our platform with auto-locked liquidity. Providing safety, and trust for investors.

Team Token Locks

Lock Team Tokens and create a vesting schedule for team members with your specifications, to give investors confidence in your project.


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The Binance Smart Chain is a great way for investors to get lower transaction fees, and faster speeds. However, constant rugs and exit scams are currently hurting the progress of DeFi on Binance Smart Chain.

DeepLock is created with a clear focus on solving these problems and bring a sense of security, which this space desperately craves. We're aiming to build a platform that ensures the safety of all funds, for both investors and projects.

🧿 Innovative Token Locks
The DeepLock Token Locking platform makes it easy, safe and secure to lock up any BEP-20 based token in seconds, protecting investors from 'rug pulls'.

🧿 Deep Smart Contract Checks (Coming Soon)
Our Deep smart contract check tool automatically checks for exploits and vulnerabilities in any smart contract, such as: Minting, Proxies, Backdoors including Internal Scoring Analysis and Lockup Details.

DEEP Tokenomics

The native token for DeepLock is a BEP-20 token called $DEEP, and it's a reward token where fees generated by the platform will be distributed to $DEEP holders.

2,000,000 $DEEP MAX supply
Token metrics
Token TickerDEEP 🧿
Token TypeBEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain)
Initial Total Supply5,000,000
Tokens Burned3,000,000
New Total Supply2,000,000
Current Circulating Supply1,575,000
LiquidityLocked FOREVER 🔒
MintingNo ✅
ProxyNo ✅
VerifiedBy TechRate


Private Sale
PancakeSwap Liquidity
Ecosystem, Marketing
Team & Development






Currently under development.


What is DeepLock?

Elevator Pitch: We would like to describe DeepLock as a fusion of (token lockups) and Bounce (decentralized launchpad), but on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

What is the benefits of holding $DEEP Token?

The native token for DeepLock is a BEP-20 token called $DEEP — the user is required to hold a certain amount of DEEP in their wallet in order to be eligible for participation in the majority of platform offerings. DEEP is also a reward token where we will be rewarding holders for being a vital part of the platform.

Benefits for holding and staking $DEEP Tokens:

✔️ Hold and Stake $DEEP and get the fees collected from the platform
✔️ A percentage of each raise done on the platform will be distributed to $DEEP holders
✔️ Gain priority-access to seed and private sales for early stage projects on Binance Smart Chain

Examples of fees generated from the platform:
For each liquidity lock, the smart contract will automatically take a 0.5% fee of the total tokens locked. Those tokens will then be liquidated and used to market buy $DEEP tokens. These fees will add another deflationary mechanism to our ecosystem as some of them will be burned.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

The Binance Smart Chain is a great way for investors to get lower transaction fees, and faster speeds.

Despite launching in September 2020, Binance Smart Chain has already reached 90% of Ethereum’s daily traffic — demonstrating rapid growth and adoption.

The Binance Chain is growing quickly every day and as mass market adoption continues, the supporting case must quickly emerge. The vision is very large with this protocol and the potential is even larger.

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